lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012


Everything we could say we once were, were not anymore.

We used to say we were best friends, we used to say this relation ship was going to last forever, we used to say we were going to be always there for each other, but we never thought that maybe, something would change it all.I'm sure of what happened, but one day you took it all on me. I sed sorry, even though it wasn't my fault... A few days later, YOU sed sorry, and I took it all out on you. We stopped talking to each other...
I realized already since a few weeks this was coming to its end... You treated me like if you were superior, who did you think you were? To talk to me like that? To treat me like that?
The simple fact that you simply liked to use me, was just enough to know that this was going down.
I realized something; A quote a lot of people use, but I never saw the truth in it, "When people try to take you down, It's only because your above them".
Well my friends, use that as an advice: We always think that in our mind, we can always be the king, but out in true life, we're just the servent of everyone. No. That's not like that. We're strong, we're kings-queens, and we rule in out super life's. Ok?

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

What is that little voice, that makes you do things your mind doesn't want you to do, that makes you say things you wish you didn't say, that makes you believe things you just don't want to believe? It's the voice that comes from your heart. It's never right, it's ever wrong. But it makes the most amazing choices of feelings... Feelings you never thought you could have, feling that your minde is not capable to feel, feelings... That fill you up to the top with amazing butterflies and make you fly. It's the feeling of love. It's the choice of the heart... 

miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Maman 1999

This is a sculpture by the artist Louise Bourgeois. The sculpture is made of metal. It isn't abstract art, we can see perfectly that it is a spider. It hasn't a defined colour, but the family of dark colours is used. The sculpture is very curved and probably with a smooth surface. In conclusion it is a three-dimensional sculpture with a very scary form. I've searched in Google and Maman is more than 9 meters high, it has been exposed in many museums of the world.
1- What have I learn with this activity? Which new things can I do now? 
2- Am I satisfied with my work?
3- Was the activity difficult? Was it entertaining? Was it useful?

1-I learned new vocabulary about the interpretation of art, textures and this kind of things. Now I can express what I see or the texture of an object more easily.
2- I'm satisfied so I hope I'll pass the exam!!
3-It has been very difficult but quite useful.